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Pregnancy Care

Having regular prenatal Chiropractic care encourages proper spinal and pelvic alignment as well as nervous system function. These factors help contribute to optimal foetal positioning, improved mobility and comfort throughout pregnancy as well as the possibility for a reduced average labour time and less intervention during the natural birth process. 

Prenatal Chiropractic techniques are adapted specifically to suit the individual needs of the body during the exciting period of growth and change! We have a specialist pregnancy treatment pillow allowing you to lie prone on the bench during your visits. The above factors contribute to safe and comfortable care for both mum and baby.

Laura is fully qualified in Webster Technique, a pregnancy-specific Chiropractic technique. While beneficial for all pregnancies, Webster is commonly associated as a possible intervention in the occurrence of Breech presentations. 

This technique is an assessment and correction of imbalances of the Sacrum, pelvic joints and associated soft tissues where there is a musculoskeletal cause of intrauterine constraint. In these cases, Webster Technique can contribute to allowing the baby to turn naturally to optimal positioning without the need for extra interventions.

A study from the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics stated that:

“When successful, the Webster Technique avoids the costs and/or risks of external cephalic version, caesarean section, or vaginal trial of breech. In view of these findings, the Webster Technique deserves serious consideration in the health care management of expectant mothers exhibiting adverse foetal presentation.”

For more information about Chiropractic care during pregnancy and your specific needs please contact us

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